Cornerstone Training Institute Prepares Local Workers for Midtown Asbestos Removal

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Cornerstone Training Institute Prepares Local Workers for Midtown Asbestos Removal

The Rochester Midtown Plaza project has increased the demand for asbestos abatement experts. Cornerstone Training Institute has joined forces with several job-placement and equal-opportunity agencies to provide affordable asbestos removal training to local workers.

Rochester, New York (September 22, 2009) – Cornerstone Training Institute recently reached out to the local workforce in an effort to entice workers looking to cash in on the Midtown asbestos removal project. Labeled the most expensive secret in town, the Midtown Plaza project is predicted to be one of most extensive asbestos removal projects in regional history, creating up to 200 new jobs for the local workforce.

The $30 million project has created a serious demand for certified asbestos workers. During a time when job opportunities are hard to find, Cornerstone Training Institute has helped hundreds of workers receive necessary asbestos training and certification. Cornerstone is currently providing most of the asbestos training for the Midtown project and hopes to provide even more training for unemployed workers and individuals looking for a career change.

Darren Yehl, President and Training Director at Cornerstone Training Institute, spoke to some local workers regarding the opportunities presented by the Midtown project. “Unemployment is up, the economy is down, and people are scared. In many cases, local workers simply miss opportunities that are right in front of them. They assume they need years of experience and education to dive into a new field. That’s a misconception we want to put to rest. Cornerstone is here to help anyone receive the training, certification, and guidance they need to become capable asbestos removal experts.”

Cornerstone has also been working closely with local job placement and equal opportunity agencies such as PRIME (Providing Real Incentives to Maintain Employment), Rochester Works, VESID (Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities), and the Safety Council's Hazard Abatement Board Grant. These programs allow Cornerstone to provide training and certification to individuals who would ordinarily not be able to afford it. Due to positive feedback from local workers, Cornerstone has extended some of these discounts to the community, offering cost-effective bundles that include asbestos and OSHA training, a pre-employment medical physical, and a respiratory fit test.

With the Midtown project steadily gaining ground, hundreds of positions are still waiting to be filled. Cornerstone hopes to keep those jobs local in an effort to stimulate the Rochester economy and help unemployed workers get back on their feet. “I see local workers miss the boat all the time,” said Yehl. “A big industry project pops up and once the local workforce is sucked dry, transient workers come in to town and scoop up the remaining jobs. We want those jobs to stay here, but we also realize that times are tight and so are people’s budgets. That’s why Cornerstone is doing our best to make training accessible and affordable for local workers.”

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