Cornerstone Training Institute Begins Offering Asbestos Consultation for Local Property Owners

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Cornerstone Training Institute Begins Offering Asbestos Consultation for Local Property Owners

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has stepped up efforts against property owners and city officials for improper asbestos removal. Experts at Cornerstone Training Institute have reached out to local property owners to offer consultation before and after the asbestos removal process.

Rochester, New York (PRWEB) November 19, 2009 – The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) continues to enforce asbestos removal laws in an effort to ensure the proper removal of hazardous asbestos minerals. Even with strict regulations in place, it appears many landlords and city officials still make the costly mistake of ignoring specified asbestos removal guidelines. In an effort to help local property owners avoid some of these legal entanglements, Cornerstone Training Institute is now offering asbestos removal consultation.

Since OSHA's revised asbestos standards became law on October 1, 1995, asbestos removal fines have increased and so have the number of violations, primarily due to extensive environmental efforts by federal and state agencies. 2009 was no exception as OSHA handed out hundreds of violations to landowners and construction firms with fines for some violators topping $300,000 plus jail time.

Darren Yehl, President and Training Director at Cornerstone Training Institute, offered some advice for building owners and contractors. “If you're considering rebuilding, renovating, or demolishing a property, make sure everyone working on the project is aware of the laws and they take all the necessary precautions to ensure worker safety. Some people simply aren't aware of the laws while others just ignore them because they don't want to pay for training, safety equipment, and proper inspections. But in the long run, the cost of proper asbestos removal is minimal compared to the heavy fines and jail time you could face if convicted of violating removal and disposal regulations.&rdquo

NYSDEC and the Department of Labor have made it pretty clear that they take proper asbestos removal seriously. Although some individuals still choose to take the gamble, the fear of severe fines may convince many property owners to follow Clean Air Act mandates. Cornerstone Training Institute hopes to provide further assistance by offering asbestos consultation to contractors and land owners who may not be familiar with asbestos removal guidelines.

Cornerstone's proactive approach has already saved countless contractors and property owners from facing asbestos removal violations. In cases where environmental agencies have already stepped in, Yehl's team of experts have provided legal advice and training to help these individuals avoid future violations.

“There's a lot of risk involved,” said Yehl. “By offering asbestos removal consultation, we can help a lot of building owners and contractors avert potential disaster and keep our local workers safe. In a lot of cases, land owners will try to get a cheap survey from a contractor. As the project progresses, hazardous materials are eventually exposed that weren't caught in the initial survey. Cornerstone's consultation experts can help these property owners procure high quality surveys or help mitigate the risk if regulators get involved. Obviously we'd like to see owners take proper precautions in advance, but if that fails, we can still offer assistance.”

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