Cornerstone Training Institute Works with EOC and M&V Labor to Provide Job Placement for Syracuse City School District Project

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Cornerstone Training Institute Works with EOC and M&V Labor to Provide Job Placement for Syracuse City School District Project

Cornerstone Training Institute opens new office at 500 South Salina Street to provide workers with required safety training and help those certified workers receive job placement in their community. With the Joint School Construction Board project underway in the Syracuse City School District, demand for Syracuse workers extremely high.

Syracuse, New York (January 2013) Cornerstone Training Institute has teamed up with M&V Labor Resources and SUNY Syracuse EOC (Educational Opportunity Center) to help the Syracuse community find construction workers for local projects.

Due to the demand for local workers, Cornerstone recently opened a new office located on 500 South Salina Street in Syracuse, NY.

"Cornerstone Training Institute is proud to open its new office here in Syracuse," said Darren Yehl, President and Training Director at Cornerstone Training Institute. "Even though we've held classes here for over a year, we didn't feel like we had a home. There's only so much you can do from a distance. It didn't take long for us to realize that we had to open a new office if we were going to effectively provide training to the local community and help them find work."

For over a year now, Cornerstone has provided training to area contractors and contracting businesses, with many of these workers being placed into numerous projects in and around Central New York. "Not only have we helped many Syracuse workers receive the training they need to receive state certification, we work with employment placement services who can help them find a job once they've completed their courses," Yehl noted.

The need for skilled workers is at an all-time high in Syracuse due to the number of construction projects currently underway including the City School District, the Joint Schools Construction Board projects, the Syracuse Airport, the Pike Block project, projects at SUNY Upstate and Destiny USA, and more. As the designated trainer for the Joint Schools Construction Project, SUNY Syracuse EOC has been working with Cornerstone to get individuals the skills they need to find employment at the various school sites.

Cornerstone is also working with businesses like M&V Labor Resources, which helps place skilled trade workers with contractors in Syracuse and across the United States. The partnership allows individuals who receive training at Cornerstone to enter M&V Labor's job pool for placement once they receive the necessary safety training required for certain jobs.

"We've been partners with Cornerstone for several years now and the relationship is very beneficial to the local workforce," said Jesus Mendez, President of M&V Labor Resources. "Darren and his team offer some of the best training in the state. We know that when these students walk out of the classroom, they're going to meet state requirements and understand the importance of safety on the worksite. It makes it a lot easier for us to find work for these individuals when we are certain that they're adequately trained and properly certified."

Jesus also mentioned the importance of finding work for the local community. "As a national labor provider, we would obviously prefer to find jobs for Syracuse workers rather than bring in workers from outside the area," Jesus said. "We've been working directly with the City School District to find laborers for their extensive construction projects. That's why it's so important that skilled workers in the area receive their required training through Cornerstone. Without it, we're often forced to bus people in from other places around the country. It's critical that we do our best to keep these jobs within the local community."

Cornerstone has already trained over 100 Syracuse workers through a partnership with SUNY Syracuse EOC (Educational Opportunity Center). The program helps members of the local community find work once they've received proper certification via Cornerstone's various programs.

"There are plenty of environmental safety firms out there, but we chose to collaborate with Cornerstone due to their experience in the industry, superior training products, and dedicated staff of trainers," said Carol Hill, Work-Based Learning Coordinator at SUNY EOC. "Cornerstone's training programs allow many people in our community to further their education and find gainful employment once they've completed their classes, particularly through large projects such as the Joint School Construction Board project."

Although OSHA and NY state certifications are a major piece of the puzzle, Cornerstone insists that it's actually just a sliver of the pie. "Obviously it's important that workers meet OSHA and state requirements, but we want to be known as more than just a place you can go to complete your paperwork," said Yehl. "We want everyone who walks out of the classroom to have a chance to find a job, and we also want them to know how to keep everyone safe when they do show up for that first day at work.

When fishing for a new job, it can be difficult to invest time and money in a training program with no guaranteed jobs waiting at the end of the line. Cornerstone hopes that the relationships it has formed with the SUNY Syracuse EOC and M&V Labor will alleviate some of that anxiety. "We understand that it's tough to invest in classroom training when you're not sure it will lead to work, especially when you're unemployed and just trying to make ends meet," Yehl noted. "We continue to work with M&V Labor, the SUNY Syracuse EOC, and New York State due to their wealth of job placement resources. In many cases, state grants also allow us to provide training to students who may not be able to afford it."

To help local workers get their training in a timely fashion, Cornerstone is offering a 32 Hour NYS and EPA Asbestos Handler Initial course complete with hands-on training from Thursday, February 7 Sunday, February 10.

Now that they've opened their doors, Cornerstone hopes to form even more partnerships with local Syracuse businesses in an effort to boost the workforce in the area. This should keep workers safe, properly trained, and employed for many years to come, and that's certainly something the whole community can welcome.

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