Cornerstone Training Institute and M&V Labor Resources Form Alliance to Help Workers Receive Job Placement after Completed Certification

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Cornerstone Training Institute and M&V Labor Resources Form Alliance to Help Workers Receive Job Placement after Completed Certification

Cornerstone Training Institute and M&V Labor Resources have formed an alliance to provide workers with required safety training and help those certified workers receive job placement in their community.

Rochester, New York, August 10, 2010 – Cornerstone Training Institute, an Environmental Safety Firm located in Rochester, NY, is working cohesively with M&V Labor Resources to help guide workers through specialized training so they may immediately be placed with contractors. M&V Labor Resources places skilled trade workers with contractors across the United States.

The partnership allows individuals who receive training at Cornerstone to enter M&V Labor’s job pool for placement once they receive the necessary safety training required for certain jobs. Cornerstone and M&V Labor expect that their teamwork will make it less risky for workers to invest time and money in a training program that will help them find a job after completing their certification.

“The alliance we’ve formed with M&V Labor is a blessing for anyone who receives training at Cornerstone,” said Darren Yehl, President and Training Director at Cornerstone Training Institute. “Not only do workers get the certification and training they need to qualify for certain jobs, they now have the option to enter M&V Labor’s job pool for work placement as soon as they’ve completed their classes.”

Cornerstone and M&V Labor hope the joint venture will help many unemployed workers get back on their feet. “Paying for training is often difficult for unemployed workers, but it’s required to land jobs in the industry,” said Yehl. “Unfortunately, receiving adequate training and certification doesn’t necessarily ensure someone they’ll get a job in a timely manner. We are confident that this alliance will alleviate some of that anxiety since anyone who attends our classes now has access to M&V Labor’s extensive job placement resources. We will also work with students who can’t afford training by helping them acquire grant money.”

In fact, Cornerstone has helped many qualifying students receive training through funding by organizations like the National Safety Council, the City of Rochester’s PRIME Program, VESID, DSS, Rochester Works, Pathstone, the Catholic Family Center, and a variety of parole offices.
Jesus Mendez, President of M&V Labor Resources, noted that the alliance will help both organizations as well as the national workforce. “This is something I’ve been talking to Darren about for quite some time and I’m thrilled about the outcome,” said Mendez. “There are plenty of environmental safety firms out there, but we chose to collaborate with Cornerstone due to their experience in the industry, superior training products, and they have a dedicated staff of trainers that are well connected to all aspects of the business.”

Cornerstone is closely tied to the environmental remediation and construction industry through organizations like PACNY, Rochester Builders Exchange, FLACHMM,  and others. They also utilize industrial professionals (like CIHs and CHMMs) for teaching the majority of their classes.
In addition to helping workers, the alliance will also benefit contractors looking to hire groups of workers for large jobs. In many cases, finding 10 to 15 individuals who are certified and immediately ready to go to work is time-consuming. Now that Cornerstone and M&V Labor are working together, contractors can notify M&V Labor of jobs that require a large group of skilled workers. M&V Labor will then work with Cornerstone to ensure that any workers hired receive the certification they need before the job starts.

“This is really a win-win for everyone involved,” said Mendez. “Contractors come to us looking for workers, but sometimes those workers don’t have the certification they need to participate in certain jobs. Now we can send these workers to Cornerstone for training. On the other hand, when workers who aren’t entered into our database receive certification at Cornerstone, they can join our job pool for placement. We want the workforce to know that we are looking out for them as long as they get the specialized training they need to be considered for certain jobs.”

To learn more about Cornerstone Training Institute, go to, call 585-319-3625, or visit the Cornerstone Training Institute at 1680 Lyell Avenue, Suite 200, Rochester, New York 14606.

If you would like to find out more about M&V Labor Resources, or if you’re a worker looking for a job, please visit the M&V Labor website at or call 407-217-5989.

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Founded in 2007, M&V Labor was developed as a result of owner Jesus Mendez's experience in the industrial workforce as a worker, crew leader, supervisor, and job site superintendent. While working with several labor providers and contractors, the founders of M&V Labor noticed many areas where coordination and communication could better serve the workforce. As a result, M&V Labor set out to create a company that could mend these communication gaps and help coordinate all aspects of labor, environmental education, and job productivity by concentrating on job safety while taking into account contractors needs in ensuring a timely completion of projects. From staffing projects to sub-contracting, they take care of all details involving staffing from continuous education to housing for larger projects, per diem distribution, and more. Some of their work includes projects at Kodak Park and Syracuse University. For more information about M&V Labor Resources, please visit or call 407-217-5989.